The Top 10 Androgynous Haircuts That Will Make You Look Unique & Think Otherwise

 The Top 10 Androgynous Haircuts That Will Make You Look Unique & Think Otherwise

Now, we understand that there is a trend for androgynous style, this is one of the most common reasons why we have seen so many men with short hairstyles. If you want to try this kind of style, here are the top 10 androgynous haircuts that will make you look unique and think as one of the most unique men on the planet.

The Comb Cut

A comb cut is not only the most unusual and stylish haircut for men, but also the most diverse in terms of gender and culture. In many countries, it's the standard haircut for guys. You don't even need to worry about it, because you're almost always guaranteed a comb cut, at any salon. You can have the most amazing hair when you've got a comb cut. The comb cut has no particular shape. This means you can achieve many different styles with the same haircut. That's not the case with traditional haircuts.

The Tea-Curl Cut

The style of this cut is reminiscent of your grandmother's hair. It has a pretty wide part, in the middle, with a few curls in the back. Most of all, you can wear it almost any way you want, and at any time. It suits men of all ethnicities, and gives a hint of style for an older man's look. It is a classic haircut for any man.

The Short Dye Cut

This is a short, straight cut. It is what we call "the classic." It's a way of making a change in your hair without making the same big step with another hair style. The color is more white, than anything else. It is ideal for men who are in between the traditional fade haircut and a higher fade haircut. It will last much longer than a standard fade cut.

The Hiphugger

There is not much to say about this haircut. The hiphugger is a haircut that has seen very few variations. It's a simple cut with no additional movement to the hair. The way it is set back gives you an ideal position for your glasses. Hiphuggers look extremely modern and different from any haircut you can think of.

The Chipper

The chipper is a short-haired style that has been favored by lots of actors, most notably David Hasselhoff and Patrick Swayze. It is also extremely popular among musicians, especially those who consider themselves role models. A chipper looks like the kind of haircut you would have if you were too cool to have long hair.

The Mix-Up

If you want to look like an even more interesting man, have the chipper haircut, but mix it up a bit. Add some hair gel, and play with your part.

The Philou

An ombre look is a good way to add another dimension to your cut. A chipper is pretty basic, so it should be enough to make your style unique and interesting. You can have a total of four different colors, depending on what you want to achieve.

The Curly Cut

This is a popular haircut for men who prefer to look sporty. It combines the chipper with the waterfall cut, or any other style which you already know. A similar haircut is the shea salt hair that has been highly fashionable for the last year or so.

The Chunky Cut

This haircut has not become really popular, but it is still a good option. The thickness of the hair makes it perfect for men who wish to have a defined hairline. The shape of your head, however, will need to be adjusted to suit the cut.

Long-Haired or Short-Haired

This haircut is popular among men who have a conservative and consistent style. If you have long hair, you might want to experiment with a cut shorter, to bring out the flexibility of your hair. This is definitely a trend for men, who are considered as traditional in their appearance.
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