Be a Stunner With These Beautiful Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

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Be a Stunner With These Beautiful Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

Your bridesmaids deserve to look their absolute best on the special day. If your bridesmaids have long hair, they can rock any of these beautiful hairstyles that are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for an elegant and classic up-do or a breezy and wavy look, we’ve got it all covered!

Chic Chignon Up-do

This is an all-time favourite and looks best with long, voluminous hair. Ask your hairstylist to create a romantic chignon updo featuring messy tendrils and loops framing the face. Leave a few luscious curls at the bottom to make sure your bridesmaids look extra glam!

Twisted Low Bun

Sometimes simple is sublime, and this gorgeous style is the perfect example. The hair is swept into a low twisted bun with sections of the hair creating a roped pattern. Soft layers are added around the face to soften the look and make sure there is no stiffness to the overall aesthetic.

Soft Curls and Loops

This is an all-time favourite for weddings and formal events. Defined curls are created at the cheekbones and shaped into large “S” shaped curls as well as loose loops through the hair for a classic finish.

Side-Swept Braids

For a casual yet statement-making look, side-swept braids are a great option. Create 1-2 big Dutch braids and sweep them across the head to one side. Leave a portion of the tendrils flowing down and enjoy the effortless glamour of this look.

Messy Fishtail Braid

If you’re looking for something unique and fashionable, go for a messy fishtail braid! This style demands a bit of length to pull off correctly. Make sure your bridesmaids have long hair for this classic yet chic look.

Half Up Half Down

This is a classic and timeless style that works for any kind of event. Simply pick out half of the hair at the crown and secure it with combs or pins. Add soft curls to the remaining hair for extra volume and bounce.

Wrap-Around Ponytail

This is a great choice for bridesmaids with silky, long hair. Sweep the hair into a mid-level ponytail and wrap the strands around the base to cover the elastic. Use pins to secure the look and add a few curls around the face for a perfect finish.

Effortless Beach Waves

Beach waves are undeniably popular among bridesmaids due to its relaxed yet stylish vibes. Perfect for a beach or poolside ceremony, this style will make sure your bridesmaids look sweet and chic.

Voluminous Low Ponytail

A stylish and modern ponytail look that is super flattering for longer hair lengths. Take some large sections of the hair from the roots and backcomb each section gradually from the roots to the ends. Take all the hair and gather it into a low ponytail to get that uber-chic look.


Long hair pairs nicely with almost any beauty look. When it comes to hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair, you won’t be short of options. From elegant up-dos to breezy waves, you can now rest assured that your crew will turn up looking absolutely stunning. We hope these ideas inspire you to create something fabulous and unique.

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Beautiful Hairstyles For Bridesmaids With Long Hair

Long hair can be beautiful, but it can also be a bit daunting when it comes to styling. With wedding season in full swing, it’s important to know how to style long hair for your bridesmaids on the big day. There are plenty of different options for long-haired bridesmaids from up-dos to half-up/half-down to waves, and we’ve put together all of the ideas you need for your big day.

Chic Updo for Long Hair

First on the list of hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair is an elegant updo. This style works great for just about any length of hair and is perfect for more formal weddings. To create this look, start by curling your hair with a large barrel curling iron. Once the curls have cooled, section off the top part of your hair and tease at the back. Gather the teased hair into a low bun and secure with bobby pins. Spray some hairspray onto a brush and lightly go over the curls, then accessorize with a headband or barrette.

Romantic Curls For the Bride and Her Maids

This timeless look can work for any season for a wedding. Start off by using a curling wand to curl 1-inch sections of your hair from root to tip. After the curls have set, separate them into four separate sections. Take one section and divide it into two, twisting each strand together. Then, twist those twists together and secure it with a clip. Do this for each section and clip them aside. Once the twists have cooled, take them out from the clip and loosen them up with your fingers. Finish off the look by spraying some hairspray onto a brush and going over the curls.

Half-Up/Half-Down Braided Look

This look is perfect for a more casual wedding and will help keep flyaways off your face. Start by brushing through your hair and use a teasing comb to lightly tease the crown area. Then, gather the hair at the crown into a half ponytail and use a clear elastic band to secure it. Take a small section of the ponytail and split it into three. Create a regular braid, securing the end with another clear elastic. Now take the remaining section of hair and braid it the same way. Take both braids and cross them over each other and secure with pins. Finally, finish off with a light mist of hairspray.

Elegant Twistedlook for Long Hair

This beautiful style is perfect for a semi-formal wedding because it adds that extra touch of elegance. Begin by brushing through your hair and apply some mousse to give it a more polished look. Separate the hair into two sections, one at the crown and one at the nape of the neck. Next, take a section of the top section and twist it away from the face. Secure with a few bobby pins in the back. Repeat this process on the opposite side with the remaining section of hair. Gently tug on some bits of the twist for a more voluminous look. Finally, spray some hairspray on to make sure the style stays in place.

Beachy Waves for Bridesmaids’ Long Hair

Beachy waves give a very effortless, carefree look that’s perfect for a summer wedding. To get this style, start by creating a deep side part with a tail comb. Take a 1-inch section of hair and wrap it around a large barrel curling iron, leaving the ends out. Hold the iron in place for 10 seconds, then let go and repeat on the other sections. Once the curls have cooled, use your fingers to separate and tousle them. Finish off the look with hairspray and you’re good to go!


Long hair can be lovely and romantic, but it can also be intimidating to style. With these beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair, you can have the perfect look to walk down the aisle on your special day. From updos to beachy waves, there are plenty of options for your bridal party and you’re sure to find something that works for everyone.

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