Best Long Hairstyles for Round Faces With Thin Hair

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Best Long Hairstyles for Round Faces With Thin Hair

Long hairstyles can make you look elegant and stylish. But, when it comes to having a round face, choosing the right hairstyle can be more challenging. If you also have fine and thin hair, it can be even harder to find the right cut and style. Fortunately, there are several options of long hairstyles that can flatter your rounder face shape and thin hair.

Gorgeous Curls

Soft curls can be perfect to create a romantic look for ladies with round faces and thin hair. They can also add volume to fine locks and make it look fuller. Choose one or two inches of soft curls for a great end result. Those with shoulder-length hair should opt for this look for asymmetry. For women with longer tresses, the curls should start at least four inches away from the roots to keep the style looking cute, voluminous, and balanced.

Heavenly Side Swept

If you are a lucky owner of perfect luscious locks, try the beautiful and oh-so-romantic side-swept hairstyle. Perfect for short to medium hairstyles, this look is ideal for anyone with straight or wavy hair, as well as thin hair. Add a few soft layers around your face and keep the length of your locks on one side. This angular cut will frame your face beautifully and make it appear less round and much longer.

Super Chic Lob

The lob orlong bobis another fabulous option for those with a round face. With the right cut and product, it can instantly give thinning hair a fresh boost. The trendiest option is to ask your stylist to give you a slightly asymmetric look, with plenty of texture to the layers. Beach waves add extra charm to this easy summer look, while the length gives added volume to thin hair.

Dreamy Updos

Say goodbye to thin and flat hairstyles! Thick and full updos are your best friends when it comes to boasting thinning hair. With the right hairdo, you can easily create the illusion of voluminous locks that can help to make your round face less prominent. For instance, a half-up and half-down look looks effortless but adds lots of volume. You can also create a French twist, messy bun, or an intricate low bun at the nape of the neck. Soft face-framing fringes can make any updo look feminine, flattering, and naturally gorgeous.

Stunning Mid-Length Cut

For those of us with thin hair, a mid-length cut can create a fresh look with added fullness. When selecting this option for rounder faces, try to incorporate some bangs that rest just upon the eyebrows. When styling these bangs, put them to the side either curly or straight, according to your personal preference. To help create the appearance of added thickness, you should also add in some subtle layers throughout the rest of your mid-length hair. Finish your look with a shine serum to add extra embellishment.


Long hairstyles are an excellent way to add flair to your look while still keeping your hair length. Whether you're heading out with friends or attending a formal event, these long hairstyles for round faces and thin hair will glam up your style and look gorgeous. So, don't hesitate to experiment with your look by trying one of the above hairstyles. But, make sure you have a qualified hairdresser to get the best results. With their expert advice and the right product, you can transform your look totally!

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Best Long Hairstyles for Round Faces with Thin Hair

Are you looking for a hairstyle that suits your round face perfectly? The ones with thin hair can be challenging to style but fret not; we’ve got you covered! For all the fashionable ladies who have round faces and thin hair, these cool long haircuts will make you look ravishing. Read along to find the best hairstyle for your face shape!

Long Bob

The first look we have is this flawless long bob which looks amazing on rounder faces. As the tresses extend below the chin, it gives a chic, sophisticated feel without over-emphasizing the face. It is probably the most versatile style that suits any face shape and looks equally stunning on people with thin hair. Depending on how you want to style your mane, you can opt for angular bangs parted on the sides, blunt bangs, curly edges or some scattered layers.

Curly Half Up Half Down

This look is perfect for people with naturally wavy hair and is sure to take your style up a notch. If you don’t have naturally curly locks, you can even use a curling iron to add some soft waves to the ends of your hair. This style looks best when the curls cover until the mid-length of your hair leaving some space at the crown. Then, separate your tendrils into two sections with clips and tease the front section softly to give it some volume and oomph.

Retro Wave

It is time to reignite your inner vintage spirit with this beautiful retro wave style which will transform your entire look. As it offers an effortless high-fashion appeal, you don’t have to put too much effort into making the most of it. All you need is a large-barrel curling iron for creating big bouncy curls and some hairspray to make sure that your mane does not get destroyed by the frizz. Make sure you start from the undepths of the roots by curling from the mid-length and end near the ends.

Smooth Ponytail

This low-key stylish and smooth ponytail is ideal for the days when your mane won’t cooperate. To achieve the perfect picture-ready and sleek look, it is recommended to use anti-frizz serums along with some effective styling products to get a polished and glossy finish. You can also try using a few invisible elastics instead of one if you have softer or finer hair. Don’t forget to tease the crown before tying a small elastic around the base.

Winkles and Wispy Ends

Are you up for something daring and fierce? People with thin hair often complain about their lack of volume but this hairstyle should solve that problem. Whether you have medium or long hair, you can easily try out this limmer look. For achieving the sexy and voluminous texture, you should use rollers, a tong and a straightening iron. To make sure that the volume looks natural and true, don’t forget to tussle through the elements as soon as your hair cools off.

Curtain Bangs

This style is suitable for ladies who want to flaunt some sexy bangs but are concerned about their round face. Curtain bangs reach just below the cheekbones and can offer an impressive amount of movement and fluidity to the overall look. It goes well with sparse and thin hair because the curtain styled ends make the locks appear longer. To make the most of this look, part your hair in the middle whilst keeping the loose strands at the nape of the neck while framing the face. We hope that you have found something you liked in this article. If you still haven’t found something to your liking, don’t worry as there are many more coolest looks for you to choose from. And if you want to look chic and confident every day, don’t forget to take good care of your hair by regularly getting a haircut from a professional. Aim for health and style!

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