Beautiful Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

Beautiful Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

Hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair - Style and Beauty
Hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair


Beautiful Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

Being the bridesmaid is an honor, but it can also be a tricky role. You must choose the perfect dress, decide on the perfect hairstyle and be sure to stay within the budget set by the bride. If you’re blessed with long hair then you can pull off so many different looks. Let’s take a look at some beautiful hairstyle options for bridesmaids with long hair.


Half-up Half-down

The half-up half-down hairstyle is timeless, and for a good reason. It’s easy to pull off, looks elegant and allows you to show off your hair but keep it out of the way while you focus on celebrating the newlyweds. Secure the top part of your hair with a statement hair accessory, clips or bobby pins, and let the lower part loosely fall over your shoulders. The half-up look always looks stunning no matter how often you change things up with the accessories.

Stylish Braids

Braids are a timeless look and perfect for all sorts of occasions. But they’re especially ideal for bridesmaids. Not only is a braid an eye-catching style, but it keeps all those pesky hairs in place while you participate in all the wedding festivities. There are plenty of different braid styles, whether you’re looking for something traditional or something modern, you won’t have to look very hard to find the perfect look.

Kept Updos

For an elegant look, you can’t go wrong with kept updos. They’re a great option for formal occasions, and weddings are no exception. From intricate French twists to bun hairstyles, the possibilities are simply endless. To make sure your updo stands out even more, feel free to accessorize with vibrant ribbons, jeweled pins or pearl beads to make a statement with your hairstyle.

Curls and Waves

Curling your hair already creates such a beautiful look. However, for bridesmaids who want to take their curls to the next level, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few waves here and there. Not only is this style very romantic, but you also don't need to worry about your hair staying down since the curls will provide you with plenty of volume to keep the look secure.

Soft Bangs

Adding bangs to your hairstyle is a great way to instantly spruce up your look. For bridesmaids with long hair, a soft fringe right below the eyebrows can serve as an elegant frame for the face and soften around the features. Just make sure that the bangs go well with your face shape for the best results.

Say Yes to Accessories

Speaking of accessories, don't underestimate the transformative power of statement pieces when it comes to completing your hairstyle. Whether you decide to accessorize your braid, add a headband to your updo or pin a few artificial flowers in your locks, you’re sure to turn plenty of heads on the big day. When it comes to finding the right look for your hair type, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your hairstyle. Experimenting with different options is one of the best ways of ensuring that you’ll find the perfect look for your bridesmaid duties when the big day arrives.
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The Beauty of Bridesmaids with Long Hair

Long hair is beautiful in many ways, especially when it comes to bridesmaids. It can be styled so many different ways, from an intricate braid to cascading curls, there are countless ideas to explore. Allowing bridesmaids to choose their hairstyles for the wedding can help them feel special and more involved in the day. Whether you're a bride looking for inspiration or a bridesmaid searching for the perfect 'do, here are some beautiful hairstyle ideas to keep in mind.

Braided Low Bun

For a chic and romantic look, try a pretty braided low bun. This style is perfect for advanced braiders who want to create something special. Start by gathering the hair at the nape of your neck and divide into three equal sections. Begin with a regular braid before switching to a more complicated stitch, like the original French or Dutch braid. Wrap it up a twist it into a low bun. Use a few pins to secure it in place.

Soft Curls

A classic wedding hairstyle is soft and romantic wavy curls. To start, lightly curl all of the hair using a curling wand or thin-barreled curling iron. Run your fingers through the locks to create a more natural look, then finish it off with some light hairspray to hold everything in place.

Half Up Half Down

A half-up-half-down style adds a relaxed feel to the wedding day. To achieve this look, part the hair down the middle and create two high ponytails. Take a piece of hair from each ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the elastic band. Secure with a few bobby pins. Use some light hairspray if needed.

Half French Braid

This hairstyle uses a classic French braid but leaves some of the hair out to create a romantic and undone look. Begin braiding at the nape of the neck and gather the new hair as you work your way up the head. Tie the end off with a hair tie and use a few pins to lock the ends in place. Finish off with some hairspray for maximum hold. From braids to curls, these beautiful hairstyles are perfect for any bridesmaid's long hair. With the help of a professional stylist, each one of these looks are achievable with enough practice. Allowing bridesmaids to choose their own hairstyle for the wedding day gives them a sense of freedom and helps make the day even more special.
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Beautiful Hairstyles for Bridesmaids With Long Hair

Long hair can be both a blessing and a curse, but when it comes to wedding styling there are so many beautiful, timeless hairstyles perfect for bridesmaids with long hair. From romantic half-updos and classic chignons to modern braided ‘dos fit for a Grecian queen, hair lengths longer than shoulder have an amazing array of options. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the most beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaids with long hair.

The Half-Updo

If you’re looking for a romantic yet practical style with a modern twist, the half-updo is the perfect choice. This versatile look has grown in popularity in recent years and can work wonderfully with long hair. Try something simple like tight curls swept back from the face and ornamented with a fresh flower or create a more evening-ready ‘do with glamorous waves and diamond-encrusted pins.

The Chignon

If you’re searching for something utterly classic and sophisticated, consider the ever-elegant chignon. For short of medium-length locks, this look involves looping the hair up into a round bun and pinning in place. But if your bridesmaids have long locks, why not opt for a longer, unraveled version of this classic knot packed with delicate details such as intricate braiding or cascading ribbons?

The Flower Crown

If you’re planning a wildflower or boho-inspired ceremony, the flower crown looks stunning on bridesmaids with long hair. Whether you’re opting for homemade paper greenery and dried flowers or having the florist whip up a delicate creation of garden blooms with eucalyptus and rosemary, make sure to add a touch of hairspray to ensure each crown stays in place all day long.

The Braid

It’s no secret that boho-chic braids have been trending for the past few years and there’s no better occasion to don these Grecian goddess-inspired styles than at a wedding. For longer locks, a four-stranded braid can be fashioned in various ways depending on your mood. An intricate fishtail version looks gorgeous against a low-cut or V-neck backless dress, while a classic French braid will integrate perfectly with flower crowns and floaty veils.

The Side Ponytail

For something Romantic yet age-appropriate, a side ponytail is a great option for bridesmaids with long hair. It’s also a fabulous option for those with second-day hair by creating texture and bulk with just a few easy-to-achieve steps. Use mousse or sea salt spray to give extra volume and spritz with hairspray to keep stray strands in place. To complete the look, adorn the ponytail with a velvet bow or floral clip for a little added glamour. No matter what the occasion or dress code, bridesmaids with long hair have an incredible selection of styling options. Let your bridal party shine with any one of these beautiful hairstyles mentioned above.
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Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair | Beautiful Hairstyles

Elegant Hairstyles for Bridesmaids with Long Hair

Being selected to be a bridesmaid is an honor and comes with many responsibilities. One of the most important aspects of a bridesmaid's role is to look beautiful and enhance the bride's special day. For those with long hair, there are many options when it comes to creating stunning hairstyles for the big day.

Styles for Every Type of Wedding

From elegant updos to bohemian braids, there is a hairstyle for every type of wedding. Whether you are attending a formal or informal event, you can find a style that will both complement your face and fit with the theme of the wedding. From voluminous curls to glamorous headpieces, there are plenty of ways to bring out the beauty of your naturally long locks.

Sophisticated and Simplicity

For an elegant affair, opt for sophisticated styles that will make you look like a timeless beauty. In contrast, for a casual wedding, you can choose more simple, effortless looks. As long as you accessorize correctly, you can easily create a style that suits any type of wedding. Achieving the perfect bridesmaid hair should be fun and enjoyable. With these suggestions, you will definitely look gorgeous on your friend's special day. You never have to worry about lacking ideas, as there are so many options available for those with long tresses.
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