Why You Should Try An Undercut Hairstyle with Highlights

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20 Inspirations Long Disheveled Pixie Haircuts with Balayage Highlights


Statement Undercut Hairstyles

Do you want a really stylish and unique hairstyle to make a statement? If so, an undercut hairstyle with highlights is an ideal choice. This look is becoming increasingly popular among teen and young adult men, offering an urban buzz cut style difference.


What Is An Undercut?

An undercut hairstyle involves shaving the sides and back of the head very close to the scalp, while maintaining slightly more length on top. The result is a very sharp contrast between the very short sides and much longer top.

Highlights Add Interest To Your Style

Adding highlights of different shades of brown or blonde, or even a splash of rainbow color, will add a twist to your look. Highlights give an extra dimension to any hairstyle, making it more eye-catching and high-fashion. You can either opt for subtle highlights for a cool toned-down look or a bolder contrast if you're feeling daring.

Why You Should Try An Undercut Hairstyle with Highlights

An undercut hairstyle with highlights is a great way to stand out from the crowd and showcase your creativity. It's especially suitable for men who have thick and curly hair, as it gives shape and structure to the look. Plus, it's very easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Get The Look – How To Style An Undercut Hairstyle With Highlights

For styling, apply a small amount of wax or pomade to the top of your hair and brush out evenly with a comb. For a messier style, use your hands to work the product into your hair. Then, using a blow dryer, tilt your head back and blow dry from the bottom up in order to create more volume.

More Tips To Maintain The Look

To keep your hair looking amazing each day, you should always use a high-quality shampoo to keep your hair healthy. Avoid washing your hair too much, as this can strip away natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Use a dry shampoo between washes to help keep your locks looking fresh and sleek.

Final Thoughts

Undercut hairstyles with highlights are the perfect way to give your hair a modern and trendy update. With the right products and styling techniques, you'll be able to get the look and turn heads everywhere you go. So, try out this cool hairdo and join the trend!
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Get On Trend with Undercut Hairstyles and Bright Highlights!

Are you looking for a funky new way to style your hair? Undercut hairstyles with highlights are the perfect option for creating a daring new look that’s sure to turn heads. The undercut trend has been around for a few years now, but when paired with bright colors it creates a truly unique style. Here’s our guide to achieving the perfect look.

Choosing a Highlight Color

The first step is picking the right highlight color. Make sure to choose something that complements your skin tone and existing hair color. Lighter shades work well with blondes, while for brunettes, warmer shades like golden brown and caramel can be beautiful. When trying the undercut trend, it’s important to pick something that will stand out; the asymmetry of the cut looks best with bright highlights that really catch the eye.

Styling Your Hair

Once the dye has been applied, you’ll need to style your hair in order to get the undercut look. This can be done by curling or straightening the top layer of hair, then gently brushing it up. As the bottom section is left uncut, make sure to tease it out by using a fine-toothed comb. When finished you should have both sleek and wild layers that contrast with each other in an appealing way.

Finding Inspiration

Getting the perfect undercut hairstyle with highlights requires confidence in the design you create. Take some time beforehand to view inspiration images online and determine exactly what look you want. Whether it’s galaxy dyed bangs or peach and purple streaks, be sure to take note of all the details. When you enter the salon, bring your ideas with you to ensure that your vision can come to life. With the right preparation, you’ll get a stunning new hairstyle that you’ll love!
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Undercut Hairstyles with Highlights

Undercut hairstyles with highlights are perfect for boosting the dramatic effect of edgy haircuts. Whether you choose to lighten up your hair colour all-over or only in a few areas, highlights can make your look stand out and unique. Keep reading to find out the different highlighting techniques that will help create standout styles and which undercut hairstyle suits your look best.

Types of Undercut Highlights

Well-placed and subtle highlights are key when it comes to creating you ideal undercut hairstyle. There are several highlighting techniques to incorporate in your look.

Ombré Highlights

This type of highlight is great for creating a subtle blend up to your more natural and darker color. To achieve this look, the lightest portions of color should begin at about mid-shaft and blend up to the roots. The colors should be two to three different hues of either brighter or warmer tones.

Chunk Highlights

For a more bold and trendy style, chunk highlights should be done with thicker sections of color. This method uses thick sections of color placed strategically in various areas in order to add drama and fun. For an edgy undercut style, chunk highlights can be used in areas like the nape of the neck or around the edges of the sides.

Balayage Highlights

This type of highlighting technique is helpful for painting your undercut with shades that match one another and blend into each other. Balayage allows for the colorist to create a higher-contrast look on undercut hairstyles.

Choosing Your Ideal Undercut Hairstyle

When selecting the best undercut hairstyle for you, there are a few factors to consider such as length, texture, and shape. For those who want a sleek, tousled look, a long, layered cut with light balayage highlights is perfect. If you have a straight hair type, then an angled under cut looks perfect. This option concerns mostly pixie cuts, bobs, and short cuts. For those with a wavy hair texture, a medium-length ‘shag’ bob with ombré highlights works well. A shag hairstyle corresponds to lots of movement and layers. To add more volume, chunk highlights work great with this style. Finally, those with a curly hair texture should try a medium-length undercut with some light balayage highlights. This type of cut with highlight will keep the curls contained while framing your face.

Ready for Your New Look?

For those looking to add some pizzaz to your favorite undercut hairstyle, highlights offer the best way to customize your look. From soft and natural ombré to bright and daring chunk highlights, enhance your undercut hairstyle with the best highlight technique for you.
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Undercut Hairstyles with Highlights

There is no better look to achieve an edgy and modern style than undercut hairstyles with highlights. The style is characterized by an undercut where the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut very short, while the hair on top is left longer. This allows for length at the top, which can then be further styled and highlighted. With a variety of options to choose from, these edgy looks create amazing texture and dimension while showing off your unique style. Highlighting the top of the head with a blend of lighter shades creates a beautiful contrast and gives the overall look an eye-catching finish. From long sleek bobs to choppy pixie cuts, these looks are an excellent way to show off your individuality and achieve a new look. Add in some eye-catching accessories such as a bandana and you are set to turn heads.

Style Tips for Undercuts and Highlights

It is important to be aware of the right colors to use when executing the perfect undercut hairstyle with highlights. Speak to your stylist about what shades work best for your complexion. When getting a pixie cut for example, go for highlights that add more volume to your shorter locks. Ensure that there are no harsh lines by using a balayage technique. If you have a longer style, consider adding face-framing layers or soft curls. Creating texture with a curling iron will add body and texture to an otherwise angled look. This look is also great for those who are looking to embrace their natural texture as it accentuates waves and curls. Have fun with this versatile style and choose the combination that best meets your personality and lifestyle.
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