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Easy Step-by-Step Hairstyles for Beginners

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Easy Step-by-Step Hairstyles for Beginners

Easy Step-by-Step Hairstyles for Beginners

Trying a new hairstyle can be scary, even if it looks simple. But with clear instructions, everyone can rock the latest looks1. This guide is all about easy styles, like braids and updos, perfect for beginners looking to step up their hair game1. Each tutorial is broken down into straightforward steps. They make it easy for you to try out and enjoy new styles.

step by step hairstyles

Effortless Updos for Busy Days

Need a quick and stylish look on a busy day? These easy updo tutorials are perfect.2 The "Brun" mixes a braid's beauty with a bun's ease. It's a stylish and easy style to create.2 The sock bun is another fast way to have a full updo.2 It doesn't take much time but looks great. Both tutorials make it simple with step-by-step instructions.

Brun: Braid Meets Bun

The "Brun" is perfect for regular days or a special event. It's a beautiful mix of a braid and a bun. This updo is stylish and simple, making it a must-try for everyone.2 With a few steps, you can get this sophisticated look. It's great for any time you want to look your best.

Brun hairstyle

Sock Bun for Voluminous Updo

The sock bun is great if you're in a rush but want to look stylish.2 It's quick and gives you a full bun without much effort. It works for the office or a party, making you stand out.

Braided Hairstyles Made Simple

Braids are not just a style. They are a timeless way to make your look better. But, they can seem hard to do at first. Here, you'll find easy guides for three different braided styles. It makes learning them simple, even for beginners. Starting to braid when you're young helps a lot. It makes learning new styles much easier.3

Four-Strand Braid Tutorial

The four-strand braid is a neat twist on the usual. Want to learn how to do other braids like the French braid or the pull-through braid? The guide here will help you out.3 Getting good at braiding, with braids like the French or pull-through, is key.3

Dutch Braid Technique

Trying the Dutch braid gives your hair a special, woven look. You can even try simple braids like the rope braid without being an expert.3 But, if you want to do cool braids like fishtails or waterfalls, you need practice.3

Braided Headband for Boho Chic

Learnt how to do a braided headband? It's a nice, bohemian addition to any look. Braids are great for many different styles. You can do braided buns, crown braids, or side braids. They're perfect, especially on days you don't wash your hair.3

braided hairstyles

Trendy Hairstyles to Try

If you want to try the newest hairstyles, you're in the right place.4 This year's trendy summer looks include 90s favorites like "bubble" braids, space buns, and tendrils.4 They're chic, cute, and quick to make in just two to three minutes.4 Pigtails are back in style and are now seen as a sleek option for 2024. They're a great choice for fixing a bad hair day.4

Space Buns: Playful and Stylish

4 Space buns and Bantu knots are big hits for festivals. They're fun, adaptable, and can be dressed up with accessories or jewelry. The tutorial for space buns shows a look that's both trendy and easy. This style is ideal for making your outfit playful, day or night.